Knee Pain Treatment

Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain!

Chronic knee pain is common among athletes, active individuals, and the elderly, and we offer pain management to live pain-free. Our trained and licensed Chiropractic Physicians are knowledgeable in dealing with this kind of condition. Call us today and say goodbye to knee pain with the All Star Health Spine and Sports Care team - a team of leading knee specialists in the country.

Our Team

Our team of health care providers, ranging from chiropractic healthcare providers, spine rehabilitation healthcare providers, medical acupuncture, and sports orthopedics, are more than qualified to integrate various approaches to help you return and enjoy your daily activities.

Comprehensive Care Plan and Regenerative Therapies

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to pain management and knee rehabilitation, and that’s what makes us different. As we focus on pain management, we will also create a program for recovery to help you move forward and get you back to your physical performance and achieve optimal health.

Conservative Care - Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Rest, Icing, and Stretching

The traditional care approach is the first of many strategies that our healthcare providers recommend. It’s the first line of care when it comes to knee injury management, rehabilitation, and even preventive approach.

One of our focuses is to help you achieve better health naturally with chiropractic treatment plans.

Chiropractic Treatment Plan

We’ve worked with thousands of athletes and active individuals by creating a chiropractic treatment plan that has effectively helped them with their knee pain and treatment.

Every patient has different needs and, with this, we’ve created a multidisciplinary chiropractic approach which we can customize based on the needs and lifestyle of every patient.

Pain Medicine

Pain treatment is effective, but our healthcare providers also understand that pain medicine is also an effective approach when it comes to treating knee pain and injury. With these, our board-certified healthcare providers are here to help identify the pain medicine that suits your needs.

More than just injections, Todd Dreitzler, M.D, our board-certified family medicine healthcare providers, is here to help create a multidisciplinary treatment plan.

We have developed thousands individualized care plans for patients suffering from pain and injuries caused by various activities. Together with other specialists at All Star Health, we provide the following approaches for treatment:

Steroidal Injections/Non-Steroidal Injections

Our healthcare providers are experts in assessing individuals who need either steroidal or non-steroidal injections, and we are here in every step of your care plan.

These are minimally invasive injection treatments to relieve chronic pain, and it only takes a few minutes. The relief could last for several weeks or a few months, which is what we aim for - to help you find an approach with minimal risks and be able to go back to a comfortable lifestyle.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) Injections

Hyaluronic acid is another pain management injection. It’s a natural substance around our joints that helps in lubrication and acts as a shock absorber as our joints move.

You can be a candidate for HA injections, especially if you are experiencing knee pain from osteoarthritis (OA), and, of course, the injections are just part of your care plan.

We have helped thousands of OA patients with pain relief, and they had reported optimal and noticeable results even before their sessions had ended!

Amnion Injections

An investigative approach to improve the quality of life is one of the main goals of All Star Health. We are here to empower, support, and guide our patients, and that’s why we have a complimentary and customized care plan for every individual, which could include Amnion injections.

Our healthcare providers believe in health optimization, and with Amnion injections, which are concentrated stem cells, hyaluronic acids, proteins, cytokines, and other necessary compounds, together with a comprehensive care plan, you can get your healthy and comfortable lifestyle back!

We have worked with patients from all walks of life from athletes to elderly, and individuals who had an auto or work accident to help them regain a comfortable lifestyle. We’ve created thousands of care plans with complimentary pain medication for our patients.


Our healthcare providers always aim for patient independence, especially in rehabilitative approaches. With this, we are happy to introduce you to Knee MD.

It's portable, versatile, and provides complete control to patients who are recovering from knee operation or accident. With Knee MD, we have provided our patients the freedom and independence they need, together with the individualized care plan we have created for them.

Be one of the hundreds of patients that have regained independence and comfortable lifestyles, consult with All Star Health now!

All Star Health Spine and Sports Care are here to help you identify and create the best treatment plan for you. We understand that knee pain is common, but you don't have to suffer every day, so know what's the best care plan for you and book an appointment with us now!