Chiropractic Services: Complementary Benefits

While undergoing pain management for healing with our Wellness Chiropractors, we also take care of your complementary benefits.

Do we take your insurance??? ABSOLUTELY!! We take all insurances. What is your coverage, don't know? DON'T WORRY! Our insurance team and new patient liaison will do the legwork for you by doing a complementary benefits check just for you!

This special service we provide for our patient’s has proven to be a real time saver and allow us to obtain the most accurate, up to date information pertaining to insurance coverage you may or may not have. Further more; it often times saves the patient money as we are equipped to ask your insurance carrier the specific questions needed to obtain valuable information as it pertains to our offices, the services we provide and our providers.

All you need to do is to come in and see us. We will get your insurance information at the time of your first visit and it will be presented to you by your second visit. It's just that easy.