Dr. John MacDonald of All Star Health began his undergraduate studies in kinesiology at Arizona State University. He went on to receive a degree in Life Sciences from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri. Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. MacDonald completed his Doctor of Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropractic.

As well as being a licensed chiropractic physician, Dr. MacDonald is certified in physical medicine modalities by the State of Arizona. He is also a certified full body Active Release Techniques (ART) provider. He has used the technique to treat a wide variety of patients, from professional athletes to those suffering from the aches and pains of daily activities.

Following graduation Dr. MacDonald worked in a multidisciplinary practice in Phoenix, where he utilized chiropractic, Active Release Techniques (ART), and physical medicine modalities alongside orthopedic surgeons and interventional pain management physicians to achieve optimal wellness for his patients. He believes that in order to achieve optimal results, you must find the most appropriate combination of treatments. As a fitness enthusiast, he understands the important role chiropractic and Active Release Technique have in injury prevention and maintaining high level performance.

Dr. MacDonald joined the All Star Health team in early 2013, bringing years of experience in helping people reach their health goals. He offers a variety of techniques to his patients to include:
diversified, Thompson drop, activator methods, ART, spinal decompression, and spinal rehabilitative programs among others.