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Car Accident Injury Treatment

A car accident injury or car crash, even if it’s a “minor” one is always an unwanted event. This can be a big disruption in your busy life and can cause months of stress and unexpected pain. But a chiropractic treatment would help someone get back to its normal physiological state. With proper car accident injury treatment performed by Chiropractors, a patient can get back to his regular routine much faster and reduce the onset of chronic problems.

What to Expect After Having A Car Accident?

When injured, the body tenses the muscles and causes inflammation around the injured area to “protect” the injury from further damage. Unfortunately, this mechanism can cause problems down the road. If left untreated, the “protected” area will lose motion and flexibility. This can result in reduced mobility in the muscles and joints.

A study in Sweden compared individuals who received prompt treatment and used gentle neck exercises right after the injury had much improved flexibility and usage, even after three years post-collision.

There are many reasons why active, early care helps after whiplash:

  • Staying active helps overcome your fear of movement or re-injury.
  • Activity increases blood flow in the injured area and improves healing.

How Chiropractic Treats Injured Patients Due to Car Accidents

Chiropractic also improves the function of your body by:

  • Carefully focusing on the injured areas of your spine and increasing motion in those specific areas.
  • Combining chiropractic with physical therapy exercises, we can get you back to even better than you where before.

If you have been in an auto accident or you know someone, even if you think that it has minimal effect to your body, please do call us right away. Always think that the earlier it will be treated, the more  chances of getting healed faster.

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